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I am a singer who will use my gifts to make my mark on the platform of R&B music, while gaining listeners and publicity to be observed as a leader to enlighten the world that genuine LOVE conquers all when we practice the action of compassion daily
Reach me @ (504) 355-1393 for scheduling. 

L👁👁king Forward!!

With the distribution of my most latest EP:"TheTahjBanksCovers" I am diligently working to showcase my talent by creating new music for my next project which should be ready at the earliest of 2020


"He's always been an outstanding individual and performer. His energy exuded a glow of greatness to be a great entertainer. I'm so proud of him and wish him the best."
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"Anytime I've seen him, he's dressed for a show. I can tell he's diligent in his impeccable performance and dedicated to his craft. I see him becoming one of the greatest"
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Tahj Banks

06 August 2020

06 August


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